Rules and Regulation

RPBIC event rules and regulation




Any and all Participants to the RPBIC shall understand and accept that their participation in the RPBIC events (the “Event”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Participants for RPBIC Events and Competitions (the “Terms and Conditions”). “Participants” mean any and all persons participating in the RPBIC Events in any manner, including but not limited to contestant, team officials, national federations representatives, teams, coaches, agent, etc.), from any country, gender and age. 

  1. RPBIC Rules, Regulations and Procedures. The Participants shall be bound by and comply with all RPBIC rules and regulation, which is based on IGFA and TBF rules and regulation, available on the RPBIC website (, regulations and procedures, as well as their amendments, applicable in connection with the Event, including the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. The Participants therefore shall to comply to such rules, regulations, and procedures and to the jurisdiction of the bodies, which are in charge of applying them or in respect of any issue arising in connection with their participation in the Event. 

  2. Declaration of fitness. The Participants are fully aware and conscious that participation in competitions requires a perfect health condition and a high level of physical fitness. The Participants acknowledge that are personally and solely responsible to ensure that their health is not affected and that the Participants do have the required level of training and fitness to participate in the Event. By participating in the Event, the Participants confirm that they are in a perfect health condition and that the Participants have not received any information, including without limitation, advice by a physician or another person, that their health might be negatively affected or their level of fitness not be sufficient to participate in the Event. 

  3. Acknowledgement of risks. The Participants are fully aware and conscious of the potential risks involved in competition activities during the Event. The Participants engage in competitive activities, their physical integrity and, in extreme cases, even their life may be endangered. The Participants acknowledge that it is their sole personal responsibility to assess whether any part of competition, the conditions thereof at the relevant time are too challenging for them. 

  4. Release of liability. To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable laws, the Participants release RPBIC, the host, the Event Organizing Committee and their respective members, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, partners, contractors and agents as well as any other entities and persons involved with or participating in the Event from any liability (excluding gross negligence and willful misconduct) for any loss, injury, death, damage and costs incurred or suffered in relation to their participation in the Event. 

  5. Personal Data. In respect of information about the Participants (“Personal Data”), the Participants shall agree:
    1. to their Personal Data being collected by RPBIC and the Event Organizing Committee and to such data being stored and used by RPBIC and the Event Organizing Committee including being stored on the RPBIC’s servers, and, where necessary, third parties, for the purposes of, and to the extent necessary in relation to, facilitating their participation in, and/or organizing, the Event; 
    2. to the transfer of their Personal Data to RPBIC and by them to such third parties, and to the processing of such data and potentially any relevant sensitive personal data including about unspent criminal convictions), as are necessary for security and other background checks by RPBIC in order to gain the necessary accreditation for the Event;  
    3. that RPBIC and other third parties, including law enforcement and border services agencies, may collect, store, process, share or disclose amongst themselves and with third parties their Personal Data for the purposes of investigating and/or prosecuting breaches of any of the relevant provisions of the RPBIC Rules and local laws 
    4. to the collection, use and storage of Personal Data and statistics in RPBIC approved research projects (for example billfish conservation, participants biographies, questionnaires, filming, measures, medical encounters etc); and  
    5. to their Personal Data being used in any other way to which the Participants provide their express consent to RPBIC. 

  6. Use of image, name and likeness. Participants shall understand and accept that RPBIC and /or the Event Organizing Committee (or any third party acting on behalf or with the authorization of such aforementioned parties for the purposes contemplated herein) They shall;
    1. film, photograph or otherwise record and use participants names, likeness, appearance, voice and actions during and in connection with the Event and to use the material thus created in perpetuity and on a worldwide territory by any and all means for the promotion of RPBIC and related activities including billfish conservation, any of the RPBIC events or other RPBIC activities;  
    2. without limitation to the foregoing, broadcast, transmit, publicize, disseminate or otherwise exploit the material thus created in whole or in part, on a live or non-live basis, in any and all media and/or technical support (whether existing at the present time or not) for any purpose linked with the audiovisual coverage of the Event for any and all territories in the world.  
    3. Request the Participants to be available during the Event for TV/radio interviews, press photo sessions and press conferences, in front of RPBIC official backdrop as applicable. The Participants further shall participate upon the RPBIC’s request, in a minimum of one hour per day during the Event in promotional activities linked with the Event. It is understood that their need to rest, train and prepare for competitions during the Event will be respected when requesting their participation. 

    Furthermore, the Participants shall understand and accept that any exploitation shall be without charge and without any requirement for further consent, approval or waiver.
    The Participants hereby grant a non-exclusive royalty-free licence to the above mentioned parties in respect of any and all rights reasonably required in respect of the exploitation as described above. Participants declare being a major and that I have the full right to make this declaration of consent including for any minors of dependents, as their lawful custodian. 

  7. Permission of Photo Use. The Participants agree that RPBIC or the Event Organizing Committee may use their photo, provided as a part of their official entry, for the use on an Event Accreditation Card, as well as for an athlete profile to be offered to any person concerned with, or displayed during the Event or any other RPBIC event or activity.  

  8. Validity. The terms and conditions set forth above supersede any prior terms and conditions. They shall remain effective for as long as the Participants participate in the Event unless otherwise specified in this Declaration Form. They shall also be binding on their heirs, successors, beneficiaries, next of kin or assigns who might pursue any legal action in connection with the same. 

  9. Acknowledgement by the Participants. The Participants understand present Terms and Conditions set forth above apply directly to them when participating in the Event, and consequently the Participants agree to be legally bound by them. 

  10. Minor Participants. Whether a Participant is a minor or not, this will depend on the national laws of the home country of the Participant (according to national laws). The parent/legal guardian of the Minor Participants do consent to his/her participation in the Event and his/her agreement to be bound by each of these Terms and Conditions identified above. The parent/legal guardian of the minor Participants hereby irrevocably authorize the Team Official to provide the necessary consent where and when required for the minor Participant’s participation in any program or matter in connection with the Event. The Participants consent to any medical treatment being administered to the parent/legal guardian of the minor Participants in the case of any injury or illness whilst the participant is in the Event  

  11. Applicable law. The validity and enforcement of the terms and conditions set forth herein, as well as any issue arising out of or in connection thereto shall be governed and construed according to Malaysian Law.